Eine Handvoll Hoffnung (1978) Full Movie

Eine Handvoll Hoffnung
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Watch Eine Handvoll Hoffnung (1978) : Full Movie Online Berlin at the end of the 1940s. Anneliese Weyher is working as a switchboard operator. She is living with her aunt after losing her parents in the war – a stroke of fate that has thrown the young woman off course emotionally. Indifferently, she is doing her work; her private life consists of an affair with a black-marketeer. Even when Anneliese witnesses an armed robbery, committed by infamous Wollnick and his gang, she stays lethargic and apathetic – she keeps silent instead of helping the inspector who is a friend of her aunt. It is not until Anneliese by coincidence meets her former lover, the watchmaker Kurt, that her life seems to take a positive turn.

Title Eine Handvoll Hoffnung
Release Date Jan 12, 1978
Genres ,
Production Company DEFA
Production Countries Germany
Casts Simone von Zglinicki, Katja Paryla, Dieter Franke, Peter Prager, Helga Göring, Peter Reusse, Günter Rüger, Detlef Gieß, Michael Gerber, Walter Lendrich, Carl Heinz Choynski
Anneliese Weyher
Anneliese Weyher
Simone von Zglinicki
Martha Menzel
Martha Menzel
Katja Paryla
Albert Neuenfeld
Albert Neuenfeld
Dieter Franke
Kurt Danneberg
Kurt Danneberg
Peter Prager
Edith Radicke
Edith Radicke
Helga Göring
Dieter Wollnick
Dieter Wollnick
Peter Reusse
Günter Rüger
Detlef Gieß
Michael Gerber
Walter Lendrich
Carl Heinz Choynski
Christoph Engel
Rainer Doering
Peter Kalisch
Annelise Matschulat
Jörg Panknin
Norbert Stöss
Carola Braunbock
Angela Brunner
Jürgen Huth
Hans Klering
Peter Köhncke
Evamaria Bath
Karin Beewen
Frank Wuttig
Wilfried Pucher
Christa Löser
Klaus Ebeling
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